Gillian Bartley

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"I encourage you to see as many homes as possible as it's easier to identify what you don't want in a home, then to pinpoint everything that you do want. Call me so I can explain how buying your home is a process of elimination, not selection."

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My name is Gillian Bartley, I’m known as "Most Referred Realtor" in my community. I’ve helped customers buy or sell properties in Ventura since 2006. I attribute this increasing success to my high ethical standards, marketing superiority, and most importantly, the high amount of referrals from previous satisfied clients.


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"I am committed to the dedication needed to ensure you make the most profit, as well as a prompt sale while providing you with truly exceptional customer service. Call me to find out the 3 most important details to selling your home."

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"I am never too busy for you and your referrals!"